Frequently Asked Questions

There isn’t anything we haven’t heard, so go ahead and ask us.

Whats makes your wax/experience different from others?

We use only the highest grade of imported, non-wax adhesive to give you the smoothest, long-lasting wax you’ve ever had! Nufree hair removal is an organic, soy-based “adhesive” including properties such as sugar-free, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-fungal. Our one-of-a-kind waxing techniques focus on removing the hair, parallel to the skin, not just removing hair in the same direction of hair growth. These techniques allow for quicker healing, slower growth, and more painless hair removal. Music is an important part of waxing, letting your mind feel comfortable. We let you choose anything you’d like to listen to! Feel free to even bring your own!

How bad does the first time hurt? Seriously.

The first time, depending on how thick your hair is, it can be uncomfortable but not unbearable. The typical “pain” of a brazilian is largely overhyped and when performed by a skilled esthetician, it will be thorough and as pain free as possible. Most first time clients simply “psyche” themselves out before their appointment due to false information that was given to them or bad experiences in the past. We are highly trained experts and make the experience last only about 10-20 minutes.

Will I be completely smooth the very first time?

Waxing is a “work in progress”, not a quick fix. So the first time, you might notice a few extra hairs that are too short to be removed, or notice a small amount of growth the first couple of weeks. This is simply due to the different growth cycles. After a few regular waxing appointments, your hair will all get on the same “removal page”, resulting in a smooth wax everytime you visit! You will start noticing weaker, finer hair growth!

How long does waxing take?

The answer depends on your esthetician’s experience, the area you’re having waxed and how much hair you have. In general, a Brazilian wax can take as little as 15-20 minutes and a full body wax can take 45 minutes to an hour. That said, waxing is not a competition and a quality esthetician will take as long as is required to leave you feeling smooth and clean!

How long will my wax last?

Depending on hair growth, the average you should be “hair free” for at least 2-3 weeks. Maintenance appointments should be made every 4-6 weeks. Facial waxing every 3 weeks.

What are the benefits of waxing?

Everyone waxes for their own reasons, but overall there are 3 main reasons we believe waxing is a superior hair removal method.

1. Better Results: Most of our clients would list this as their primary reason for waxing. Once a waxing regemine is established, hair growth is retarded and that “baby smooth” feeling everyone is after is longer lasting when compared with other methods. Over time, your hair will grow back finer and more sparsely.

2. 2 Services in 1: A lot of our clients believe in waxing but don’t realize that they’re actually getting two services for the price of one! Waxing not only removes unwanted hair, but also performs an exfoliation treatment by removing the top layer of dead skin. Clients often comment how soft and smooth their skin feels after waxing. It’s because they just had an exfoliation treatment!

3. Less Stress on Skin: Some clients choose waxing as a way to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals they put on their skin. Waxing uses natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. In addition, other forms of hair removal can permanently damage the skin’s surface! Waxing when properly applied to healthy skin is comparatively non-invasive.


How long should I let my hair grow?

The answer depends on which area of your body you are having waxed. Generally speaking most experts recommend that hair be from 1/4″-1/2″ inch in length for best results. Most of our clients schedule visits on a 4-6 week rotation depending on how quickly their hair grows.

Is it ok to get waxed if I’m pregnant?

It is perfectly normal to get a Brazilian Wax during pregnancy and not harmful to you or your baby whatsoever. We are highly experienced waxing “soon to be mommies”. Your skin might be a little more sensitive during this special time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Canceled/Rescheduled appointments under 24 hours will result in 50% payment of missed service. Any appointment that is 15 minutes late will need to be rescheduled.

NO CALL/NO SHOW will result in 100% payment of missed appointment/service.

Please note that our online system will not allow you to cancel under 24 hours, so give us a call or leave a voicemail to cancel. Email cancellations are not accepted.


What They Say

Today was my first time coming in and I had a great experience. I was educated on what to expect during and after the service. They also gave me a run through of what to do as far as home care. I’ll be back that’s for sure!

Super friendly staff it was my first time going in and they made you feel comfortable and I’ll definitely be going back.

Best waxing place ever! Everyone there is so sweet & friendly. I’m never going anywhere else.

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Canceled/Rescheduled appointments under 24 hours will result in 50% payment of missed service. Any appointment that is 15 minutes late will need to be rescheduled.

NO CALL/NO SHOW will result in 100% payment of missed appointment/service.