Frequently Asked Questions

There's nothing we haven't heard, so go ahead and ask us.

So, what is a Brazilian, anyway?

A Brazilian wax is the complete removal of the hair on the pubic region, labia, and booty crack. You do have the option, however, of either going completely bare or leaving a small landing strip or “martini glass” of hair above the vaginal area. Your waxer will discuss options with you during your appointment.

How long does the hair have to be to get waxed?

We require that you have at least 2 weeks of hair growth. Especially for your first wax, the longer your hair is, the better your wax will be. It is VERY important to have enough hair growth when you come for your appointment. This allows the wax to grab the hairs easily. If your hair is too short, we will ask you to reschedule your appointment. If you feel like you may need to be trimmed, put those clippers down!  We’ll take care of it. 

Do I have to be naked?

No, not completely. But we will need you to undress from the waist down, including your underwear. This may be a bit unnerving for a new client, but trust us; we do these ALL day long. To us, it’s all just skin and hair! So, please don’t feel embarrassed. We will do our absolute best to put you completely at ease! 

I have my period! Do I need to cancel?

No! We’re happy to do the waxing if you would like at this time. We are not embarrassed by this at all! Just use a tampon and we will work around the string. Honestly, it happens all the time! Please keep in mind it might be more sensitive during this time.  Taking ibuprofen will help ease the pain and decrease redness.

I’m nervous! Can my partner/friend come into the appointment with me?

Our policy is to allow one person in the treatment room at a time. We have found that this allows us to give the absolute best and most professional service available.

How bad does it hurt the first time? Seriously.

The first time, depending on how thick your hair is, it can be uncomfortable but not unbearable. 

But, we feel anticipation is the worst part. Once your first time is over and you understand what to expect, it’s a breeze. Sticking to a schedule of waxing will ensure less grow out, which can mean less pain. Plus, we will always keep chatting to keep your mind off of the pain. Before you know it…you’re done!

How long does it take to do a Brazilian?

It all depends on the client. The first time is the longest, usually 15-30 minutes, and then the monthly upkeep is can be much faster.

How often do I have to be waxed?

The baseline recommendation is every 4 weeks. Some clients experience a slower or faster rate of hair growth, and that time can be changed accordingly. Your waxing specialist will help you gauge when you should return.

How long will my wax last?

Depending on hair growth, the average you should be “hair free” for at least 2-3 weeks. Maintenance appointments should be made every 4 weeks. Facial waxing every 3 weeks.

Will I be completely smooth after my first wax?

It’s possible but not probable. Waxing is a “work in progress”, not a quick fix. So the first time, you might notice a few extra hairs that are too short to be removed, or notice a small amount of growth during the first couple of weeks. This is simply due to the different growth cycles. After a few regular waxing appointments, your hair will all get on the same “removal page”, resulting in a smooth wax every time you visit! You will start noticing weaker, finer hair growth!

Can I have sex after my Brazilian?

This might not be the most popular suggestion, but we recommend waiting at least 24 hours after bikini and Brazilian treatments. When follicles are dilated, sweat and bacteria may irritate freshly waxed areas, which can be QUITE a bummer.

What can I do to prevent ingrown hairs?

Exfoliating in the shower with an exfoliating glove or Rio Charcoal Scrub, every day helps to keep the skin free from cellular buildup which can trap hair. Rio Charcoal Scrub is handmade in small batches by us at Rio, the highest quality exfoliation for your waxing aftercare!

What are the benefits of waxing?

Everyone waxes for their own reasons, but overall there are 3 main reasons we believe waxing is a superior hair removal method.

1.  Better Results

Most of our clients would list this as their primary reason for waxing. Once a waxing regimen is established, hair growth starts to become thinner, and that “baby smooth” feeling is long-lasting when compared with other methods. Over time, your hair will grow back finer and more sparsely.

2.  2 Services in 1

A lot of our clients believe in waxing but don’t realize that they’re actually getting two services for the price of one! Waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also performs an exfoliation treatment by removing the top layer of dead skin. Clients often comment on how soft and smooth their skin feels after waxing. It’s because they just had an exfoliation treatment!

3.  Less Stress on Skin

Some clients choose to wax as a way to reduce the number of harsh chemicals they put on their skin. Waxing uses natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin. In addition, other forms of hair removal can permanently damage the skin’s surface! Waxing when properly applied to healthy skin is comparatively non-invasive.

What if I’ve been getting waxed somewhere else regularly? What should I book?

We ask if that it is your first time visiting with us, please book a First Time Brazilian. This allows us to reevaluate your hair growth and skin. After that first appointment, you can then schedule maintenance for Brazilians from then on out! 

Anything else I should know about waxing?

You should refrain from using waxing as a hair-removal method if you are using Retin-A (currently or in the last 3 months), Acutance (currently or in the past 4 months), other keratolytic medications (that increase skin exfoliation), or are sunburned or recovering from a recent laser peel. Please inform your waxing specialist about any and all medication that could affect skin sensitivity.

What about the Male Brazilian?

We remove all of the hair from the male bikini area, the scrotum, and the butt crack. This does not include the glutes, but we will happily add that to your service if you wish!

Do I need to call to schedule a First Time Male Brazilian?

Yes! We ask that you call or leave us a voicemail with your name, number, and concerns! Don’t worry, we have heard it all!  After your first visit, you can then go online to schedule maintenance visits. 

I am in transition from male to female, or female to male. How should I book my appointment?

We wax everyone, with no discrimination. We want you to feel as comfortable before, during, and after the process as possible. We ask that you let us know about your journey when you schedule the appointment. We have some that wax only female body parts, and some that wax all genders, so we want to make sure that we will place you with the correct waxer.

How important is it that I am on time for my appointment?

It’s important. We value our client’s time and we stay on schedule when it comes to our appointments. We are also usually fully booked. If a client is more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, we will usually have to reschedule. Although that may sound rigid, if we take a guest late, chances are we will be late for the next appointment. And for the one after that, and, well…you get the idea. Additionally, we want you to have time to relax before your appointment. At Rio Premier Waxing, it’s all about the experience! 

What is your cancellation policy?

Rio Premier Waxing is an appointment-based business. When appointments are canceled without sufficient notice we are often unable to fill that space with another client.

  • We require at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment, and a credit card number is needed to hold your reservation. If an appointment is canceled or rescheduled within a 24-hour period, 50% of the total service amount will be charged to the card number on file.
  • If you fail to cancel and NO CALL/NO SHOW your appointment, the full amount will be charged to the card held on file.
  • Life happens, we know!  Late appointments can be accommodated if we have the availability, up to 15 minutes late. 

🔺Please note that our online system will not allow you to cancel within 24 hours, so give us a call or leave a voicemail to cancel. Email cancellations are not accepted.

Thank you in advance for supporting small businesses by being prompt and prepared for your appointment! 


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Today was my first time coming in and I had a great experience. I was educated on what to expect during and after the service. They also gave me a run through of what to do as far as home care. I’ll be back that’s for sure!

Super friendly staff it was my first time going in and they made you feel comfortable and I’ll definitely be going back.

Best waxing place ever! Everyone there is so sweet & friendly. I’m never going anywhere else.

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