Before, During, and After Care


Everything you need to know to prepare for your appointment & ever after…


Waxing Before Care

How should I prepare for a Brazilian wax?

  • Be dry.  Cleanliness is appreciated but please skip the lotion.  
    You will get better results if you are less oily.
  • Be hairy.  Please don’t shave for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment to ensure that your hair is long enough! Also, if you’ve “let it go” and it seems out of control, don’t worry! Put those clippers down! We’ll take care of it. 
  • Be comfortable.  Reports tell us the more relaxed your muscles are, the better the hair removal results will be!
  • Take Tylenol or Ibuprofen 30-45 minutes before your appointment, to let your muscles relax more.
  • Avoid caffeine the day of your appointment, as it heightens sensitivity more.
  • Try to avoid sweating or working out a few hours prior to your appointment.

During your wax

What should I expect during a Brazilian wax?

  • Remove clothing.  You will be asked to remove your underwear in a private treatment room.  By removing your underwear you protect your clothing as provide optimal working conditions so that the waxer can get all of the unwanted hair!
  • Prep the area.  Your waxer will leave a baby wipe out for you to cleanse the area.
  • Consultation.  Your waxer will examine the length of the hair and trim accordingly for safety purposes as well as our preference.  She will also ask you about what areas you would like to leave hair and how much of it you would like to leave.
  • The fun part, getting rid of the hair.  Your waxer will perform the actual waxing. We will always keep chatting to keep your mind off of the pain. Before you know it…you’re done!
  • It’s Over.  You are finished and ready to go about the rest of the day!


Waxing After Care

  • After your wax, you may find that your skin is pink and irritated, feeling somewhat like a mild sunburn. The irritation will go away quickly, depending on your hair type & how sensitive your skin is. Hydrocortisone (0.1%) will help the first 24 hours if your skin still feels sore and really speeds up the healing process, as well as reducing redness (only to be used on top).  Some swelling and bumping may possibly occur the first time.  Hydrocortisone will help greatly in reducing the healing time, usually around 24 hours.  Avoid tight-fitting clothing in the first 24 hours, so that your skin can breathe. You will also want to avoid tanning beds, steam rooms, saunas & any other activity causing sweat for the first 24 hours.
  • Exfoliate. The most important step for Brazilian waxing aftercare is to exfoliate.  AFTER 48 hours, exfoliate using Rio Charcoal Scrub or an exfoliating glove, in the weeks after your wax. This will remove dead skin and dirt to unclog your pores and prevent bumps and ingrown hairs from forming on the skin.  Exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

    Rio Charcoal Scrub

  • Apply an antibacterial/antimicrobial lotion every day after your shower, while your pores are open.  We recommend Finipil Lotion by Equibal Labs, it destroys 99.99% of bacteria, unseen to the naked eye. This lotion will also slow the growth stages of your hair, creating longer, smooth results!



This will reduce the chances of letting your wax surpass 6 weeks.  After 6 weeks, your “hair rooting systems” start to rebuild, the opposite of what we want!  With continued maintenance, every 4-5 weeks, you will start to notice what hair does come back will be very sparse, finer, and much thinner.  (Facial waxing maintenance – 3 weeks)


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